Finding more time to do stuff!

June 17, 2011

I seem to be having a battle with time again. It’s the usual problem, there just isn’t enough of it. And when there is, I’m so surprised I often fill it with things that don’t need doing, or stretch what I am doing to span the gap (c.f. Parkinson’s Law). But, to get to something specific, have you ever fantasized about longer lunchtimes, but didn’t know how to swing it? Well, here’s the answer!

Thanks to advances in clock technology, it’s possible to have a clock that speeds up 20% every day at 11:00 and slows down 20% every day at 11:48, giving you an extra twelve minutes of lunchiness to enjoy. Twelve minutes may not seem like much but it equates to an additional hour every week.

Get the technology here:


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