Twitter and personality

October 1, 2011

Ever wondered if Twitter could tell you something about a person’s personality? ‘Analyze Words’ helps reveal personality by looking at the use of words. It’s based on research connecting word use to who people are. Enter your Twitter name and find out what it says about your emotions, social & thinking styles… Better still pop someone else’s handle in and find out what it reveals about your favourite celebrity, boss, friends or loved one!

Try it here: Analyse Words.

Twitter mood predicts the stock market

August 23, 2011

Does emotion operate at a societal level? Does mood influence the way in which we collectively make decisions? It would seem so. There’s all sorts of stuff out there now on ‘sentiment tracking’ and whether it’s linked to measures of economic activity like the stock market. Well, interestingly, it seems that global emotion and mood, as measured via something like Twitter, does predict stock market activity. Indeed trading seems to lag behind positive or negative Tweeting! Or, if you’re using the fancy stuff, tweets analysed in terms of the Google Profile of Mood States (Calm, Alert, Sure, Vital, Kind and Happy). And no, I’m not making this stuff up. And yes, you’re right, there’s money to be made here!

Read one of the original papers at:

Also, if you’re quick, you can listen to this BBC Radio 4 programme on the topic: Word of Mouth: Counting Word Incidences


November 20, 2010

Mentioning Twitter a post or two ago seems to have sparked some interest, especially with regard to the ‘psychology of Twitter’. Let’s get this straight – I am no expert! 

However a good place to start would be this recent Psychology Today article:

Picture credit:

Psychologists on Twitter

November 14, 2010

I’ve yet to be convinced about Twitter, but there are lots of psychologists using it. If you want to know what they are talking about, here’s a link to a list on the BPS Research Digest blog:,0



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