Science of Persuasion (or how to get someone to do what you want them to do…)

December 7, 2012

Great animated video on the science (six universal principles) of persuasion, based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University.


Freemium psychometrics?

September 4, 2010

In the good old days (a scant few years ago) you paid for the administration of your online psychometric test or questionnaire, and you probably paid for your feedback report as well. And you might well have paid for a number of other things, especially training. Now you can access a high quality test or questionnaire, and get an understandable report, at no cost what so ever. That’s right, you pay nothing. So what’s the catch? On the face of it there doesn’t seem to be a problem, but in reality it’s straight out of the marketing handbook, chapter headed ‘Reciprocity’. That’s because the point is you will use the psychometric and come over all warm and tingly, and then some will reciprocate the ‘free’ gesture by buying consultancy from the vendor – the real point of the exercise. And there is a big issue, because even the best test or questionnaire in the world loses it value when it’s over-exposed, especially in a selection context, and more importantly free stuff rarely gets updated…

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