The dark side of positive psychology

July 28, 2011

Many thanks to John MackMersh for bringing this to my attention. This is an interesting take on the ‘positive psychology’ movement – listen to Barbara Ehrenreich and wonder… There’s also a link to the ‘Smile or die’ animation.

Psychology: it’s not exactly rocket science…

November 22, 2010

“Psychology seems to progress using colourful analogies. Over a period of a hundred years, the science of human behaviour has been based on the behaviour of a dog, a rat, a pigeon, a thermostat, a computer and, no doubt soon, a coffee percolator.”

Great stuff. If you want an enjoyable and tongue-in-cheek scamper through all that’s important in psychology, squashed into 63 pages, The Bluffer’s Guide to Psychology is the book for you!

The Bluffer’s Guide to Psychology by Warren Mansell.

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