Must have a GSOH! (Data mining the heart)

September 10, 2010

Building on what I was saying about Internet Psychology, a few posts ago, I see that the US site OKCupid has started to publish stats based on its users behaviour.  These have then been turned into ‘real-world’ advice! For example,  it seems that men get more responses from women if they don’t smile in their pictures, and women are more likely than men to contact people they don’t find attractive. There you go, I knew it was all about personality not looks! Interestingly they have also discovered what people tend to lie about. Top of the list is height, with most users adding an extra two inches; closely followed by salary, with lots of folk giving themselves a 20% pay rise. And as if this wasn’t fascinating enough, they also indicate what stops people replying – even I presume to a tall, unsmiling sort of person – and it’s… bad grammar and netspeak. CUL8R A3.

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