Should HR be part of marketing?

September 16, 2011

Talent Director, Head of People Strategy, People and Performance Tsar… Have you noticed that HR is moving in two distinct directions? There’s the bit that deals with wages, rations and fairness, and the other bit that wants to strut its stuff on a bigger stage: to be as sexy as marketing and as important as finance. To be taken seriously as a big hitter in the strategy stakes. And perhaps this is right because what distinguishes most organisations from each other is not necessarily what they do, but who is doing it. It’s also the case that awareness of ‘brand’ is becoming essential to organisations both big and small, especially since what a customer experiences as a brand is usually what gets delivered via its employees.

So where’s all this going? Perhaps talk of talent and brand is really pointing to the fact that HR should be part of marketing. After-all the strategic HR plan is the corner-stone of competitive differentiation, and ultimately the guardians of the brand are the marketeers.

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