A beginning…

March 23, 2010

I’m sitting at my desk looking out at a field. It’s March and the field looks cold and damp. It’s also empty. The cows are still inside, no doubt chewing on some of last Summer’s silage. As the weeks progress the grass will grow and the trees will come into leaf. And the things that I do at my desk will change. I will start to write reports on people who are aiming for better jobs, and sometimes try to work out why someone has not quite lived up to their potential; to plan assessments, think up thought-provoking development & leadership events, and design new psychometric tests and questionnaires. Tests! I suspect you have done some when applying for jobs. But what you may not know is how they’re composed. The answer is slowly and carefully, looking out of a window, watching the cows. It also requires large amounts of (good quality) chocolate.


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