Business Psychology & Picking Winners

Gambling - Salvatore Vuono -

It’s a gamble, isn’t it? How can you be certain you’ve got the right people doing the right stuff? You know what it’s like. Someone’s up one day, down the next: creative and buzzing on Monday, uninspired and flat on Tuesday. Well, we’ve all got lots on our minds haven’t we?

But, just imagine you could find out what was going on inside someone’s head – their ‘work head’. That would be worth doing. You could discover what made them tick, what really got their motor running – in fact what made them happy to do their best.


And you know what, that’s what business psychologists do: they help you find, assess and select people to grow your business, and develop them so they can surprise you, and surprise themselves.

It’s also worth reflecting on the fact that getting it right for individuals makes it more likely that teams or groups will run smoothly, and that the entire business (or organisation) will prosper.


This blog is about business psychology and exploring how to turn capability into genuine performance. I also have a particular interest in the psychology of entrepreneurs.

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Mark Parkinson

Image: Gambling – (C) Salvatore Vuono –

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